we want to help you achieve your objectives, and we are big enough to meet your needs, yet small enough to provide one-to-one services you deserve. at every stage of our work from research to repair and testing, we use the latest technologies and equipment available

Repair Center

Pump Workshop

Wetco Workshop

We have an Authorized Repair Center with area of 3445 m2 for Complete overhaul of all makes of pump • Redesign of existing pump(s) We use only Original Equipment parts from the manufacturer, WET CO professionals, from technicians to engineers to customer service, are highly trained and knowledge of the product, You can rely on repaired Pumps to run like new when you reinstall them, minimizing downtime and costs. All pumps are repaired and tested according to the latest specifications to ensure best performance.

Specialist in Pump Repair

Core Services

  • Pump Unit Dismantling

  • Preparing Inspection reports

  • Machining

  • Motor Rewinding

  • Assembling pump unit

  • Performance Testing

Dismantling & Assembling

At WETCO complete service center, disassembly and reassembly procedures are performed using safe work procedures. Each workstation is equipped with cranes. In addition, a heavy duty overhead crane services the entire workshop. Following disassembly, your unit is moved to the clean up area where each part is thoroughly cleaned, then sandblasted (if applicable) in our sandblast room. Our Engineering department will then inspect and study the unit, first for diagnosis of failure, then to carry on with the best possible repair procedures.

Our engineers will also recommend available upgrades to increase reliability and efficiency for your application. Once we have developed and submitted a detailed scope of work, including applicable upgrades, the unit is transferred to repairing department where our staff will perform the needed repairs and applicable modifications

Repairs, Rebuilds, and Replaces pumps, pump systems, motors and more


All the Machining Works are available in our workshop and done by Professional technicians.


Initial testing and inspection determines whether a motor should be replaced or repaired. Rewinding process begins when repair is indicated. After stripping, cleaning and further testing, replacing coils made in our rewinding shop are installed when rewinding is the decision

Competitive Advantage with Strategic Alliances


Performance testing facilities for submersible pump and high voltage testing available. We have facilities for Testing Pump Units underwater, Till Today we have Tested Submersible Pump Unit up to 1500 m³/h.

Installation supervision, commissioning

Representatives of WETCO carry out managerial and engineering supervision over performance of works by the customer’s specialists and fulfillment of specific requirements and conditions during initial startup, diagnostics of complex equipment, and reaching operational parameters, and perform other works to put the equipment on operation.

For each individual project the list of expert, consulting, and technical services to be provided during installation supervision and commissioning is developed independently and approved by the customer.

Grit Blasting Services

Grit Blasting – Copper Slag Blasting Services
blasting services in user defined specifications.
Copper Slag Blasting Services are designed and applied for surface cleaning. It is applicable in the metals,Copper slugs are abrasive and highly effective.