• Engineered Reciprocating Plunger Pump Solutions

    ALDRICH Reciprocating Plunger Pumps are inherently designed for reliable high-energy, heavy-duty service in specialized applications. Meeting
    API 674 design and performance criteria, each pump is engineered to provide continuous-duty operation over a 20-year design life. Offering a wide variety of hydraulic, mechanical, and materials options, ALDRICH Reciprocating Plunger Pumps can be constructed to meet the specific characteristics of the most demanding applications, including abrasive slurries and high viscosity liquids. This results in maximum operating flexibility with minimum life cycle costs.

ALDRICH Reciprocating Pumps

ALDRICH by PLEUGER is a leading manufacturer of Reciprocating Pumps and systems. The ALDRICH Reciprocating Pump range includes vertical and horizontal plunger pumps that meet the highest performance requirements. These high-performance, positive displacement pumps are designed for high loads and reliability, delivering a constant volume flow regardless of pressure.

ALDRICH Reciprocating Pumps are used in almost all industries worldwide and cover many tasks, including crude oil transport, pressurized water supply, hydraulic presses, descaling systems, and fresh and seawater injection in oil fields – both on land and drilling platforms.

As a manufacturer, PLEUGER Industries offers ALDRICH units, Spare parts, and Services for global customers. Our products perform even in the most extreme and harshest of environments. That’s why the ALDRICH and the PLEUGER brands are renowned worldwide for quality and reliability.

Liquid end Design Options

Depending on the application, ALDRICH plunger pumps use different pump ends and corresponding cylinder designs. The slurry pump end has been specially developed for pumping media containing solids such as minerals, ores, overburden, and coal. The solids’ content can be up to 60 % by weight.

Pump cylinders with a minimum of clearance volume are the economical solution for pumping liquid gases such as ammonia, CO2, LNG, and LPG. Minimizing the clearance volume is an essential method for improving the volumetric efficiency of pumping compressible media. This applies not only to process pumps but also to secondary recovery into caverns and oil fields.

Design of the Cylinder Block

The monobloc construction of the cylinder block is convincing due to its high operational reliability. This one-piece construction with internal suction and discharge channels ensures individual accessibility to the valves without disconnecting suction and discharge connections.

The multi-part design of the cylinder block is designed for exceptional operating conditions, such as very high media temperatures. Suction and discharge manifolds connect the individual cylinder blocks. Depending on the requirements, forged or cast cylinders are built-in.

Stuffing Boxes

The stuffing box designs are adapted to the different media. Plungers in different material designs matched to these media contribute to the reliable operation of the machine.


A wide range of different valve variants in ball, plate, cone, or plug design is available for the various applications, ensuring reliable, low-maintenance operation.