Quality pump Supply & service with extensive quality control measures

When you need reliability Pump Works is the service center you want rebuilding your pumps, for 25 years our mission has been to provide long term reliable pump rebuild services each and every time. We understand that your pump applications and how it should Perform. If you want your pump to work like new after its been rebuilt, then our Service Center is your best choice.

Pump Works implemented set an industry standard of delivering a quality pump rebuild service at a cost effective price without sacrificing reliability, quality, and customer service satisfaction achieved by the equipment manufacturer or our competition, by consistently providing a factory quality pump rebuild service with extensive quality control measures, technical knowledge, and the proper parts necessary to insure reliability. We do this thorough quality control inspections throughout the rebuild process. Special care and attention is paid to every detail in this procedure to insure quality and reliability and long pump service life.



  • Provide outstanding quality of internationally recognized submersible pumps & motors that are reliable and safe during operation even under difficult applications to achieve full client satisfaction

  • Serve our valued clients with an excellent and on-time after sales service;

  • Comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Continually improve the effectiveness of quality management systems (QMS);

  • Establish and periodically review our policy and objectives (measurable)

  • Implement, maintain and communicate the policy to all employees.

ISO 9001-2015

Our success is measured by the diverse solutions we offer and customer satisfaction

We utilize Best Practices in QHS&E, Management Processes and Information technologies to ensure no harm to our people, no harm to the environment and to create a practical management model that can be replicated in new operations.


Water Engineering Trading Co. L.L.C (WETCO) is committed to a policy of safe working conditions and practices, for all persons employed upon the project sites and therefore necessary precautions are taken to prevent adverse effects on its employees, its equipment and the physical environment in which its activities are carried out.
This commitment is on Health, Safety, & Environmental issues.

This commitment 

This commitment to safety is communicated to all employees and our suppliers/customers by prominent display on the project sites.
It is the responsibility of all employees to understand their role in fulfilling this policy and follow the safety instructions and guidelines for the overall safety and welfare of all.

  • On Health

    On Health, we will set objectives and methods to implement a system to control all hazards in all our activities, which will be reflected on our staff, clients & the community.

  • On Safety

    On Safety, we will establish safety precautions and measures, provide awareness to staff in all relevant activities to ensure least risks and hazards to our staff, clients and properties.

  • On Environment

    On Environment, we are committed to maintain a safe and healthy environment, to protect the environment, effectively utilize our resources, prevent pollution and minimize accidents at all levels

WETCO Committed to Quality

Health, Safety, Environment!

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Team will be the Center of Excellence for Quality Assurance and  will take various measures to place quality at the heart of WETCO to ensure that  delivered  services achieve objectives and meet requirements
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