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Submersible pumps for Offshore & Onshore application

PLEUGER Submersible Pumps & Motors

PLEUGER Submersible Motors

Pleuger submersible motors have been providing successful and reliable service since 1929.
The three phase motors are water-filled-AC-squirrel cage induction motors. lubrication and cooling is provided by a filling of clean water or environmentally safe anti freeze .the corrosion resistant stainless steel stator contains the aging – resistant, water proof insulated copper windings of high DI-electric strength .the stator is fully rewind able .
The electrical power supply is provided by a specially developed and water proof submersible motor cable, led into the motor through easy -to-assemble cable glands.
The dynamically balanced rotor rotates in over sized twin bearings on each end.

Design Features

  • Water filled with internal cooling system
  • Standard PVC coated winding Special Winding Insulation  LV Motors and all HV Motors: PE2+PA
  • Pressure / Volume compensated
  • 5 kW up to 5.000 kW
  • 200 V up to 6.600 V
  • 2,4,6 and 8 pole designs 50 / 60 Hz
  • Mechanical sealing standard
  • NEMA standard connection for pumps
  • VDE / IEC electrical standards
  • International water standards approval
  • St.St.-Stator material standard
  • Rotor and Stator Laminations are Vacuum Impregnated
  • Internal Cast Iron Parts are painted
  • Bearing Sleeves, Thrust Bearing Parts and all Nuts and Bolts are made of stainless Steel
  • Corrosion Inhibitor is added to the Motor Filling Liquid

Vertical or Horizontal installation

Pleuger submersible motors are available for vertical or horizontal installation and also for hot water applications. In maintaining our reputation, pleuger continues to update and develop the outstanding design of the motors.

Long Service Life

A diaphragm in the motor base provides pressure/volume compensation of the motor during temperature changes. A high quality mechanical seal prevents the ingress of ambient liquid to the motor, fully protecting the motor against contamination.
An adjustable self-aligning thrust bearing allow high thrust load without problems and guarantees long service life, even under the heaviest duty conditions.

Standard design & features motors 

  • Mechanical Seal

    Pressure balanced mechanical seal available in many materials to best suit application

  • Bearings

    Large, double journal bearings water lubricated and maintenance free for extended service life

  • Wet Type Motors

    Wet type motors with water tight insulated winding for easy service

  • Profiled motors

    Profiled motors with food grade additives for freeze and rust protection

  • Heavy Duty

    Heavy duty , adjustable self-aligning thrust bearings for extended motor life.

  • NEMA

    NEMA connections for universal fit.

  • Non-Toxic

    Non-toxic class y winding insulation for portable water services

  • Friction Welded

    Friction welded shaft strength and heigh efficiency.

  • Certifications

    Motor with CSA, WIMES 3.03 , EMV , KTV , CE , VDE and other authority certifications


The standard PEUGER motors are equipped with a stator made of chromium steel; wetted bolting are of stainless steel and castings according to your requirements (Titanum, Super Duplex Stainless steel, Duplex stainless steel, Nickel aluminum Bronze, Zinc free Bronze and Cast Iron)

Pleuger submersible motors

Three-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor provides reliable operation and extends product life.

Pleuger submersible motors

Wet Type Motor with water-tight insulated windings ensures easy service, improves cooling and extends motor life

Operation safety

The highly automated precision manufacture of pleuger submersible motors provides far – reaching quality assurance. frequent inspections during manufacturing steps, balancing of rotor, together with the final performance characteristic and operation

Pleuger Water Filled Design

Pleuger submersible motors offer extraordinary range of Performance .
The water filled and wet wound motors are environmentally friendly, provide high efficiency and offer great reliability.
Superior thrust bearing design, 100% pressure compensation system,
re-winnable stators and a choice of material for both strength And dielectric characteristics are several features making pleuger submersible motors exceptional value

Motor Filling

  • Filled with a mixture of water/glycol or pure potable water
  • Necessary for cooling the windings and lubricating the radial and axial motor bearings
  • Water provides excellent lubrication properties whereas Glycol precluding any possibility for internal corrosion

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